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A case study with bio.inspecta on food safety

"The transparency that the traceability system offers also helps the certifiers and auditors easily understand the issues and ambiguity in the supply chain. Also, many clients prefer to use a traceability system that is connected to their certification body to avoid the hassle of exchanging information, having all information in one place, removing the fuss of distributing information and data management, as well as system incompatibilities."

Natalie Steiner

Business Manager, bio.inspecta


The future of our food security relies on our current actions towards intelligent food supply chain management. Global concerns about food safety and health have led to increasing pressure for food testing and certification, which is why standards such as ISO 22000 have become required.

According to the report findings, stringent food regulatory norms, governments subsidising the cost of testing and certification, and the need to add credibility to label claims – are all acting as proponents for the adoption of food testing and certification across the globe.

Apart from these factors, the rising interests of consumers in environmental preservation and food safety are also driving the demand for fair trade and sustainability food certification.

CIED Technologies in partnership with the bio.inspecta

bio.inspecta is a Swiss certification body that provides multiple actors in the supply chain with the facility to efficiently maintain quality and transparency in its value chain.

bio.inspecta helps farms and companies in sustainable development through quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction by providing inspection and certification services for products made under environmental and social responsibility principles, as well as animal welfare considerations.

Key Stats
  • 20+ years of experience
  • 50+ partners nationally & internationally
  • 100+ skilled colleagues
  • CHF 1.2 million in annual sales

Together with CIED, bio.inspecta is entering the traceability world with a tool providing features that help maintain a record of the companies’ connections, products, and transactions. The end product, which is the QR code, is automatically generated for all the products.

The ‘World-Trace’ Initiative

Credibility is of great importance for consumers before making a purchase decision. The need of the hour is to set up an effective system of monitoring for the production, processing, distribution, and import of food products. It comes after a series of health scares in different countries of the European Union.

A certification body like bio.inspecta in collaboration with CIED technologies can quickly identify the stage where they could breach different regulations. These regulations required during food processing are of the utmost importance in detecting the causes and reasons of hypothetical outbreaks of poisoning and contamination.

World-Trace is a modern supply chain solution offered by bio.inspecta to ensure traceability of products in the food supply chain.

In this case study you will discover how traceability necessitates establishing product integrity, authenticity, and identification at all stages of a supply chain, including food inspection and certification, to build consumer confidence.



Read this case study to learn more about World-Trace and how it enabled bio.inspecta to get a holistic picture of the supply chain

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