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Case Study of The Orang Utan Coffee Supply Chain

“The transparency that the traceability system offers also helps the certifiers and auditors easily understand the issues and ambiguity in the supply chain. Also, many clients prefer to use a traceability system that is connected to their certification body to avoid the hassle of exchanging information, having all information in one place, removing the fuss of distributing information and data management, as well as system incompatibilities”

Natalie Steiner

New Business Manager, bio.inspecta AG

Sustainability in the supply chain has become a primary corporate objective and following best practices in the supply chain is no more a negligible factor. It is easier to win over customers’ trust since it serves the interests of society and the environment as a whole, in addition to the interests of the enterprises and their stakeholders.

The Orang Utan Coffee Project by partnering with EASY-CERT Group was undertaken with clear sustainable goals to conserve the endangered species and prevent biodiversity loss. From the beginning to the end of their product life cycles, businesses are now measuring the effects their products and services have on society and the environment. The project bears testimony to a supply chain that upholds strong environmental values. The intricacy of the numerous supplier connections and 350 smallholder farmers spread over the Gayo Highland was brought under a single credible digital platform with traceability.  

The data management and inspection-related activities are no more a hassle now.  A study conducted by the Consumer Goods Forum found that “70 percent of consumers are most interested in transparency about products.”

One of the main obstacles to the sustainability of the supply chain is a lack of insight into the supply network. What better option for compliance than traceability, which offers end-to-end transparency and caters to better workflow management? 

Get to know more through our detailed case study with Oranguttan

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