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Fairfood leverages the power of blockchain for supply chain traceability

After years of advocacy in the agri-food sector, Fairfood in 2018 decided to notch up its contribution to farmer advocacy by adopting a modern Blockchain based traceability platform. With CIED’s assistance, today Fairfood’s clients use Trace to answer the increasing disruptions in the supply chain and showcase their customers the real story of the food they consume.

About the company

The challenge of catering for the exploding world population — in a sustainable way, with a fair distribution of value in the supply chain —is seeding a revolution in fixing the global food systems. For the Amsterdam-based NGO Fairfood International, their contribution to this revolution translates to research, technology and advocacy towards a fair and transparent supply chain. With this powerful trio, the organization not only champions food security but establishes a system that provides the farmers and workers who are active in the chain with a living wage or income.

Key Stats
  • 10+ years of experience
  • 3000+ farmers registered
  • 50+ registered companies
  • 25+ skilled colleagues

This case study talks about how Fairfood:

  • Successfully created a Blockchain based food supply chain traceability tool.
  • Simplified transactions between the suppliers and buyers across borders.
  • Helped sustainability managers and food brands to successfully support their farmers with better understanding of their supply chains.
Read the case study to learn more about how Fairfood International improved their
revenue and sustainability mission using Blockchain.
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