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Plant-based food – Is it spurring innovation and growth in the food sector?

In the fourth episode of the CIED Saga podcast series, we’re featuring Nick Hazell, Founder & CEO of a three years old startup from Australia with a mission to slow down the consumption of animal meat. Combining our growing population with our increasing demand for meat consumption is putting us on the verge, and he strongly believes plant-based meat is the way forward.

Plant-based meat has brought unprecedented changes in the food sector and people’s diets, and has also opened the door for revolution. We’ve witnessed it since its emergence, as European people are keen to embrace veganism and have welcomed trends with open arms. Plant-based meat, a game changer in the food sector, paves the way for enhancing sustainability in business as well.

V2Food, an Australian startup providing plant-based food, has been gaining attention and recognition since its inception. It is utilising the most recent science from CSIRO to make delicious plant-based food that meets the demands of a rapidly expanding global population.

Enjoy the show and happy listening!


“I think it’s not good to get advice from me. I think the most valuable thing you have when you start a business is that you are naive and you don’t know how much hard work it is.”

Show Notes 

01:13 – About V2Food and its mission 

04:10 – What V2Food offers as a plant-based food brand

08:43 – Does plant-based meat have the same nutritional value as animal meat? 

11:28 – What would have to take place for plant-based diets to reduce   global hunger and poverty significantly?

13:45 – Most challenging aspects of making plant-based meat

17:55 – How important is traceability to V2Food’s ecosystem?

19:50 – Rapid-fire session

CIED Saga, as the name itself suggests, is a series of fascinating stories associated with business, technology, and the journey of entrepreneurs. We aim at bringing the world of technology and business close at hand for the people. You can subscribe to our Podcast on Spotify or Google.

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