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Trace your tea: From leaf to cup

Why do we love tea?

“I must drink lots of tea or I cannot work. Tea unleashes the potential which slumbers in the depth of my soul.” –Leo Tolstoy

Many of us need a cup of tea as soon as we wake up. It helps to revive us and provides a sense of soothing comfort. Numerous varieties of tea are available, ranging from hot to herbal teas. We enjoy getting together with friends over a cup of tea. Tea is a beautiful way to meet up with friends, whether you want to host a formal afternoon tea party or just gab with your closest friend at home. Consider tea to cheer up your entourage.

Fascinating history of tea

Tea has a nearly 5,000-year history that begins in ancient China. According to mythology, tea was first discovered by Emperor Shen Nung in 2732 B.C. when a wild tree’s leaves blew into a pot of boiling water. After becoming intrigued by its pleasant aroma, he sipped some of the concoction. According to legend, as he sipped the interesting concoction, the Emperor felt heated, as if the liquid were probing every inch of his body.

How to stay competitive in the tea industry?

As with every brand, you strive to keep ahead of the competition. And gaining the trust of your consumers would help you fulfill your purpose. However, as numerous tea brands are out there, earning trust from people worldwide takes a lot of work. If you could win consumers’ confidence, they would start to hold your brand close to their hearts. Therefore, being trustworthy is inevitable to stay competitive in the tea industry. 

Undeniably, consumers care about product safety. They want to know if the product you offer is safe and authentic. Having plenty of tea brands, people have lots of choices; if they don’t feel safe with your product, they don’t have to take time to pick another one over your brand. Therefore, ensuring your product is safe, high quality, and organic is imperative to gain consumer trust.

The role of end-to-end tea traceability

Things have changed! Shedding light on the journey of tea from the leaf to cup has been vital for tea brands surviving in the competitive world. Unarguably, traceability can lead you to a safer, more sustainable business. 

Every consumer is keen to learn more about the product they buy. They only know a little about your tea brand once you provide accurate data, including the name of the maker and the exact region where the tea is harvested. People would start admiring your tea if they feel it’s safe, organic and sustainable. Does it sound non-viable? It might, however, with blockchain traceability for tea, you can monitor every step of the tea supply chain, enhance transparency, and promote your sustainable practices and product claims.

Our ESG-specialised traceability suite can help you achieve your sustainable goals.

To learn more about how our ESG-specialised traceability suite
 helps you adopt sustainability, consult with our in-house expert.

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