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Embedding sustainable practices via traceability software

‘If humans are the cause of this planet’s destruction, they can be the cause of its conservation too.’

The era of human coexistence with nature is long gone, feeding on roots and fruits, leading a life of serenity, and little did they know about plunging its resources. The urge to satisfy needs and wants has caused depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation in the long run. The increasing use of technology to lead a comfortable life has led to a perverted mindset as far as mother earth is concerned. The supply chain transparency with supply chain traceability software can play a marked role in keeping a strict watch on the depletion of natural resources by man and how it contributes to environmental degradation.

Man and his greed

Modern agricultural practices, along with rapid industrialization, have posed a severe threat to the environment resulting in climatic variations, destruction of habitat for animals, and extinction of several endangered species. The use of non-biodegradable substances such as plastic is another cause of concern that needs to be scrutinised at the earliest.

What can be done?

Conserving natural resources is the key to sustainability. It is also the key to healthy environmental practices. We need to be able to trace the origin of our product if we want to ensure that we are getting quality products and that the roots reveal its sustainable practices. Consumers are getting more and more aware of their environmental footprint. They want to know where the products that they buy come from and what the impact of their purchase will be on the environment. ‘Traceability’ can be crucial to understand the supply chain trajectory and the blockchain-integrated digital ledger for sustainable practices creates a path for the next generation of the industrial revolution.

Traceability and sustainability

The clock is ticking and significant steps need to be initiated to conserve the environment as we have a dire corporate responsibility towards the society, economy, and the environment. The first step is to put a label on every product containing information about its origin, how it was made, and how it was transported. Consumers should also be given a chance to learn about the company’s sustainability practices. The blockchain traceability software can play a remarkable role in mitigating unhealthy practices such as harmful soil management practices, use of pesticides, improper waste management, carbon emissions, and excess use of non-renewable resources. The food supply chain is quite vulnerable and using a rigorous amount of preservatives, chemical-induced methods of ripening fruits and vegetables pose environmental hazards. The end-to-end supply chain visibility with blockchain technology safeguards food safety and sustainable practices.

Traceability as a WatchGuard towards conservation of environment

Conservation might seem an abstract concept, but implementing our best practices to shape how we perceive things sets us apart from others. Traceability can play an integral role in the recycling process, too, which contributes to sustainability. A traceable and transparent supply chain not just enhances the enterprise value of a company but also lays the foundation for consumer trust where operational standards bear allegiance to ESG regulations, carving a sustainable future.

The need of the hour

The advent of organizations such as IUCN, Global Footprint Network, and regulations on Sustainable Agricultural farm Policy, ESG and Sustainability Development Goals 2030 echoes the widespread sentiment of ‘doing good for the betterment of people and the planet. Henrik Ringsberg from Chalmers University of Technology stated in a book that was published in 2016 that “Product traceability to ensure quality, safety, and sustainability of commodities has become a worldwide public priority.” The ruling paradigm should be utilizing cutting-edge, science-based methods to increase productivity and profit while minimising environmental effects.

Undertaking business goals with a conviction to conserve nature

A leading coffee producer in Gayo highland, Sumatra, Indonesia, intended to introduce sustainability principles in their supply chain about conservation of endangered species, as industrialisation and commercialisation have led to a loss of biodiversity. With the end to end traceability software, the entire digital journey could be captured and the supply chain visibility paved the way towards proving their sustainability practices, acting as an exemplar for other companies to get inspired. The same approach was adopted by a beeswax company that chose to be transparent in their supply chain. The blockchain-integrated traceability software that we provided helped evoke ideals of regulatory compliance and sustainability. We can undoubtedly conceive a way to preserve nature by bringing sweeping changes in the food industry. Aiming at a ‘tomorrow’ with sustainable food menu options, endorsing sustainable farming practices, and adopting eco-friendly measures making up for biodiversity loss and traceability can help foster these goals.

All that is left in our hands is to reform our thinking, stop this greed and follow healthy, sustainable practices. In this rat race of ‘money making’, we often forget that the resources are bestowed upon us and in us lies the grave responsibility of preserving for posterity.  Sticking to the old paradigm of reduce, reuse and recycle can help restore eco friendly measures towards a habitable climate. The need of all business ventures to comply with regulations that are beneficial to the welfare of people and the planet would be a welcoming change and all those who are already on the way towards compliance can certainly integrate traceability software into their operational procedures.

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