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Get to know my supply chain: A case study of the nutmeg supply chain

Actively involving farmers in the production chain and giving them premiums deserves appreciation. But how effectively can a company portray this to the consumers? What can be done to improve the flow of information from farmers to consumers? We have answers to all these questions.

Let’s have a look at a company which integrated their nutmeg supply chain with our blockchain based traceability system.

The Company

The Rotterdam based company have been active in the herbs and spices sector for over 100 years. The company supplies the highest quality herbs and spices and has a unique and long lasting cooperation with local farmers from where they get the best ingredients from the countries of origin. As it keeps the entire chain in its own hands, they have a fair, transparent and sustainable chain from farmer to consumer.

Key Stats
  • 100+ years of experience
  • 2200+ trained farmers
  • Active in 30+ countries
  • 510+ skilled colleagues
  • $163.79 million in annual sales

The Pain

The company faced major problems with their supply chain mapping because they couldn’t possibly determine how many members were in the chain. There remained an unexplained discrepancy in their supply chain due to the fact that they had no direct contact with farmers and suppliers. Despite giving their farmers premiums, they could not display them to the public. Their goal through this project was to bring traceability to their supply chain and transparency to their customers.

The company proposed the following key objectives:

  • Get a better understanding of their supply chain
  • Support claims with valid evidence 
  • Present a farm-to-fork story to the customer 
In this case study, you will learn more about this company and how our solution is helping them to generate more in revenues.   

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